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Every Voice Counts

Did you know that trees are the original social networks? The same way you connect with your friends and family on Instagram and Tik Tok, trees have been communicating with each other for thousands of years via root systems that span our planet. They support each other as they grow, share nutrients with those who are sick, and even warn each other of dangers.

Right now the danger is us, but we can also be the solution. Every voice counts – show that you care.


Help us reach 10 million

2,986 supporters
10,000 goal

For the first time, we’re taking the voices of gamers to world leaders at the UN Climate Summit. Just as every individual tree shares in the collective health of a forest, your individual voice strengthens a global call for a better future. Together we can make a difference for forests!

Forests help us, so let’s help them

Life is better with forests

We need forests

Yet we lose them at speeding rates. Every minute, deforestation wipes out 10 football pitches worth of forests. Without them, we lose our best ally in the fight against dangerous climate change.

Forests need us

Support forest protection and restoration to

Prevent irreversible climate change

help protect jaguars, great apes, and many other endangered species

create millions of green jobs

Play your part and protect our forests

By signing, I play my part and call on world leaders to protect forests as our best line of defence against climate change.


Share the petition with your social network, your friends, your family, your player community and help them play their part for forests.


Play4Forests by the United Nations’ climate and forest partnership (UN-REDD) and the Playing for the Planet Alliance, brings together some of the biggest names in video gaming to work jointly and engage gamers around the importance of conserving and restoring forests. 

UN-REDD works in 65 countries to protect forests through actions like forest fire prevention and supporting indigenous peoples.